Welcome to BraziCali Wear / Brasil Surf Cali where Brazilian themes meet Californian style! Get ready to ride the waves of fashion with our unique collection of apparel inspired by the vibrant culture of Brazil and the laid-back vibes of California. From colorful prints to trendy designs, we offer a wide range of clothing that combines the best of both worlds. Dive into our collection and discover your own beachside paradise. Embrace the sun, sand, and surf with BraziCali Wear / Brasil Surf Cali!

BraziCali Wear / Brasil Surf Cali┬áis a Brazilian culture theme clothing with a California flavor for a casual, truly comfortable lifestyle, that aren’t just about looking good, but feeling good.

Now in San Clemente, at Terra Brazil Store for the Brazilian locals and lovers of the culture, bringing you along a variety of Brazilian pre-package food products for your convenience.